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Fig. 5

From: The zinc finger protein CLAMP promotes long-range chromatin interactions that mediate dosage compensation of the Drosophila male X-chromosome

Fig. 5

source data provided as Additional file 1: Source Data file). CLAMP promotes long-range interactions on the X-chromosome that are responsible for the clustering of CES. Synergy between CLAMP and MSL complex increases the local concentration of both factors on the male X-chromosome. On autosomes, the local concentration of CLAMP is not as high due to the lack of synergy with MSL complex

Differential occupancy of insulator proteins occurs at loci where CLAMP promotes or represses the formation of three-dimensional interactions on the X-chromosome and autosomes. A Left: PERCENTAGE of DI anchors containing a high-confidence CLAMP ChIP-seq peak. Right: average fold enrichment over input for CLAMP at CLAMP peaks within CLAMP-promoted DI anchors (green) and CLAMP-repressed DI anchors (purple) versus the remaining set of peaks falling outside of DIs (gray). Light shading on average profiles represents standard error. The same analysis was performed for GAF (B), Su(Hw) (C), Mod(mdg4) (D), dCTCF (E), and CP190 (F) (

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