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Table 1 Fold enrichment of mutant H3 internal nucleosome sites

From: Global histone protein surface accessibility in yeast indicates a uniformly loosely packed genome with canonical nucleosomes

Sample MNase AP/input Fold enrichment
WT H3 Low 0.068 1.0
H3 S102C Low 0.044 0.65
H3 A110C Low 0.042 0.62
WT H3 Medium 0.018 1.0
H3 S102C Medium 0.017 0.94
WT H3 High 0.093 1.0
H3 S102C High 0.045 0.49
H3 A110C High 0.054 0.58
  1. Fold enrichment is calculated by dividing the ratio of AP/input of the mutant by that of the wild type. The AP/input ratios are determined by calculating the ratio of yeast:mouse aligned reads for each sample. Fold-enrichment values of ~ 1 or less indicate no enrichment for the internal H3 mutants