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Table 1 List of known histone N-alpha terminal modifications and their associated NTTs

From: Histone N-alpha terminal modifications: genome regulation at the tip of the tail

Histone Species Enzyme Recognition motif Biological function(s) References
 H1 Detected in mouse and human cells Potentially various NATs Various Not known [18, 68, 69]
 H4/H2A Conserved from yeast to human NAA40 SGRG Response to caloric restriction; role in carcinogenesis [26] [30]
 H2B Yeast NAA10 S Not known [40, 41]
 CENP-A (H3 variant) Mammalian species NTMT1 GPR Formation of CCAN [49, 50]
 H2B Invertebrate species from ciliates to insects NTMT1 PPK Stress response [51]