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Table 3 List of new histone modifications identified in S. cerevisiae

From: Systematic genetic and proteomic screens during gametogenesis identify H2BK34 methylation as an evolutionary conserved meiotic mark

Identified in this study and not documented elsewhere
Residue Spo. eff. Comment References
 H2A S10ph   
 H2B K30ac   
 H2B S41-S42 pha   
 H2B K49ac Acylated in human (H2B K46) [31, 91, 92]
 H2B K82ac Methylated in human (H2B K79me1) [16]
 H2B S125-T128 pha   
 H3 R40me1    
Identified in this study, not described in S. cerevisiae but identified in other species
Yeast residue Spo. eff. Mammalian residue References
 H2A R30me1, me2 H2A R29me1, me2 [93]
 H2A R89me2 H2A R88me1 [16]
 H2B T39ph H2B T36ph [94, 95]
 H2B K88ac H2B K85ac [16, 31, 96, 97]
 H2B K111ac H2B K108ac [61, 91, 98, 99]
 H3 S28ph H3 S28ph [100]
 H3 S57ph H3 S57ph [55]
 H3 R83me1, me2 H3 R83me1, me2 [61]
 H4 R17me1 H4 R17me1, me2, me3 [61]
 H4 K31ac H4 K31ac [101]
 H4 K31me1 H4 K31me1 [101]
Identified in this study, not described in S. cerevisiae but other modification of the same residue identified in yeast
Residue Spo. eff. Known modifications References
 H2A K21ac Succinylation [92]
 H2A K21me1 Succinylation [92]
 H2A K126ac Sumoylation [102]
 H2B K37ac Methylation (me1) [67]
 H2B K46ac Formylation, succinylation, 2-hydroxyisobutyrylation [92]
 H2B K46me1 [92]
 H2B K111ac Methylation [67]
 H2B K123ac Ubiquitination [103]
 H3 K42ac Methylation [104]
  1. The column “Spo. eff.” represents sporulation efficiencies in the SK1 background (color-coded as described in Fig. 3f for H2A and H2B and in Ref. [33] for H3 and H4)
  2. aThe phosphorylation site could not be precisely mapped