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Table 2 Summary of \(R_g\) for nanochannel-stretched DNA with ATTO-565-labeled MBD2FLsc as a function of concentration of MBD2FLsc determined from the dataset underlying Fig. 4

From: DNA looping by two 5-methylcytosine-binding proteins quantified using nanofluidic devices

Substrate 1:0.5 (μm) 1:1 (μm) 1:1.7 (μm)
Methylated DNA \(2.73\,\pm \,0.10\) \(2.85\,\pm \,0.07\) \(2.72\,\pm \,0.11\)
Unmethylated DNA \(3.03\,\pm \,0.06\) \(3.03\,\pm \,0.07\) \(2.85\,\pm \,0.08\)
  1. Columns are labeled by the ratio [CpG]:[MBD2]
  2. The error levels are the standard error of the mean