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Table 2 The alterations of BRM and BRG1 in various cancers

From: BRM: the core ATPase subunit of SWI/SNF chromatin-remodelling complex—a tumour suppressor or tumour-promoting factor?

Cancer typeSMARCA2/BRMRefs.SMARCA4/BRG1Refs.
Protein expressionGenetic alterationsProtein expressionGenetic alterations
Rhabdoid tumours↓ (concomitant INI1 loss)Epigenetic silencing[63, 121]Epigenetic silencing[121, 163,164,165]
Lung cancerPromoter polymorphism[64,65,66,67]↓/(loss)Mutations (LOF)[31, 64, 166, 167]
Renal cell carcinoma (RCC)Mutations[72,73,74]Concomitant loss with INI1 in rhabdoid subtypen/d[168]
Gastric cancern/d[78, 79]Normal/↑n/d[78, 169]
Pancreatic cancer↑/↓n/d[57, 80, 81]↑?n/d[80]
Hepatocellular cancerPromoter polymorphism[82, 83]n/d[82]
Oral cancern/dn/dNot determined[170]
Breast cancer↑/↓Not determined[88, 89]2%[88, 171]
SCCOHT↓(loss)n/d[100, 101]↓/(loss)Somatic and germline mutations[95,96,97,98,99]
Endometrial cancerMutations[105]Mutations[105]
Prostate cancern/d[106, 107]n/d[106, 107]
Melanoman/dn/dRare mutations[172, 173]
  1. n/d—no data
  2. aUpregulation of BRM in OCCC corresponds to resistance to cisplatin [103, 104]