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Fig. 1

From: Hemimethylation of CpG dyads is characteristic of secondary DMRs associated with imprinted loci and correlates with 5-hydroxymethylcytosine at paternally methylated sequences

Fig. 1

Imprinting clusters on mouse chromosome 7. a Location of proximal, central and distal imprinting clusters. Detail of central (b) and distal (c) imprinting clusters. Red and blue rectangles correspond to maternally and paternally expressed genes, respectively. Genes located above and below the line have + and − strand orientation, respectively. Pound signs and asterisks indicate the location, respectively, of primary and secondary DMRs analyzed in this study. Snrpn, maternally methylated primary DMR; Ndn and Peg12, maternally methylated secondary DMRs; H19 ICR, paternally methylated primary DMR; H19-pp and Cdkn1c, paternally methylated secondary DMRs

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