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Table 1 Gene body methylation dynamics are not associated with developmentally regulated transcriptional profiles

From: DNA methylation is maintained with high fidelity in the honey bee germline and exhibits global non-functional fluctuations during somatic development

  1. Table includes the names of the pairwise samples (columns 1–2), the number of all genes (column 3), number of methylated genes (> 0.1 in either of the selected samples; column 4), number of differentially methylated genes (averaged genic mCG > 0.1 in either sample, Fisher Exact Test pval < 0.05 in both of biological replicates; column 5), number of differentially expressed genes among either all genes or within methylated ones (columns 6 and 7, respectively), number of overlapped genes between DMG and DEG (column 8), and the ratio between the number of actual overlapped genes with that of the expected one when considering all genes (column 9) or only methylated ones (column 10)
  2. * Denote the strength of p values. Brackets above the table point to columns used for calculating relevant representation factors
  3. #Marks observations with a significant overlap between DMGs and DEGs among methylates genes