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Fig. 5

From: Histone chaperones and the Rrm3p helicase regulate flocculation in S. cerevisiae

Fig. 5

Nitrogen starvation and nicotinamide (NAM) induce flocculation. a Cells were grown in low nitrogen liquid medium for 2 days, then poured in Petri dishes and pictures taken with a digital camera without magnification. b The strains shown under the horizontal axis were grown overnight in the presence of 0 (control), 2 and 5 mM Nicotinamide (NAM). Sedimentation rates were calculates as the time needed for the clearing of the upper 50% of the culture (TS50) in the NAM treated samples divided by TS50 in the corresponding NAM-free cultures. The bars represent the average of 2–3 measurements with each strain. The lack of errors in the BY4742 and W303 bars represent no lack of detectable difference in the presence of NAM

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