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Fig. 3

From: Histone chaperones and the Rrm3p helicase regulate flocculation in S. cerevisiae

Fig. 3

Histone H3 abundance and H3/H4 hyperacetylation at FLO gene loci. Chromatin extracts from the strains shown below the horizontal axis were immunoprecipitated with antibodies against Histone H3, acetylated Histone H3 (H3AC) and acetylated Histone H4 (H4AC). The precipitated DNA was amplified with primers for the promoter regions of ACT1, FLO1 and FLO11. The signals were normalized to ACT1 and then to the anti-H3 immunoprecipitates and plotted. The bars represent the average of two to three independent experiments with each strain/primer pair. Asterisks represent difference between the average signals from mutant strains as compared to BY4742 at p < 0.05. a H3/H4 acetylation at the FLO1 promoter. b H3/H4 acetylation at the FLO11 promoter. c H3 abundance at ACT1 and the FLO1 and FLO11 promoters

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