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Table 2 List of antibodies used in the present study

From: TH2BS11ph histone mark is enriched in the unsynapsed axes of the XY body and predominantly associates with H3K4me3-containing genomic regions in mammalian spermatocytes

Antibodies Host Company name Cat number Application
Scp3 Mouse Abcam ab97672 IF
γH2AX Mouse Upstate (Millipore) 05-636 IF, ChIP, WB
H2BS14ph Rabbit Scbt sc31671 WB
pATM Mouse Upstate (Millipore) 05-740 IF
ATR Mouse Abcam ab54793 IF
H3K4me3 Mouse Abcam ab12209 ChIP, WB
TH2B Rabbit Generated in house   IF, WB
Rad51 Mouse Abcam ab1837 IF
Spo11 Goat Santa Cruz sc22476  IF
  1. IF immunofluorescence, ChIP chromatin immunoprecipitation, WB western blotting