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Fig. 4

From: ZFP57 regulation of transposable elements and gene expression within and beyond imprinted domains

Fig. 4

ZFP57 plays a largely redundant role in transposon silencing. a Reduction of KAP1 ChIP signals in ZFP57 KO under TE-bound ZFP57 peaks, which leads to very modest reduction in H3K9me3 levels (top), no such reduction was observed at other KAP-bound TEs in absence of ZFP57 binding (bottom). b Venn diagram showing partial overlapping ZFP57, ZFP932 and Gm15446 peaks. 33 ERVs were found to be triply co-bound. c Genome browser screenshot of a triply co-bound RLTR44E retroelement near the Ankrd10 gene. Notably, there is a partial loss of H3K9me3 under the ZFP57 peak in ZFP57 KO but not adjacent ZFP932/Gm15446 peaks, thus maintaining overall silencing of the repeat and unchanged levels of the proximal gene

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