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Fig. 3

From: ZFP57 regulation of transposable elements and gene expression within and beyond imprinted domains

Fig. 3

ZFP57 KO ES cells show perturbed expression of imprinted and non-imprinted genes. a Scatterplot of gene expression in WT and ZFP57 KO ES cells with differentially expressed genes shown in blue, of which the known imprinted genes are highlighted in red. b Hierarchical transcriptome clustering analysis showing clear segregation of WT versus KO cells. c Scatterplot as in a but highlighted all the genes < 20 kb of ZFP57 peak, blue = no significant change in expression of associated genes (n = 673), red = differentially expressed (n = 75). d Gene expression differences within the 75 genes, with ZFP57 peaks losing H3K9me3 shown on the left, and those retaining H3K9me3 shown on the right. Expression of ZFP57 KO and DNMT TKO versus their corresponding WT control is shown side by side for comparison. e Genome browser screenshots for the two highest upregulated non-imprinted genes Nefm and f Dcdc2a, showing relative location of ZFP57 peak, H3K9me3/KAP1 enrichment and RNA-seq tracks for each gene

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