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Fig. 6

From: Crosstalk between chromatin structure, cohesin activity and transcription

Fig. 6

Hypothetical model for gene regulation by cohesins. a Upregulated genes in scc1-73 cells are preferentially in cohesin-enriched regions. Cohesin accumulation might recruit transcription repressors, generate a locally condensed chromatin or hamper the recruitment and/or movement of the transcription machinery. b Downregulated genes in scc1-73 cells are enriched in promoters that have a short or no NFR and a fragile − 1 nucleosome. These promoters require the RSC complex together with additional transcriptional factors to generate a NFR and to activate transcription. Cohesins might collaborate with RSC and other chromatin remodeling factors to remove the nucleosome and/or maintain the NFR

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