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Fig. 4

From: Crosstalk between chromatin structure, cohesin activity and transcription

Fig. 4

Cohesins are not involved in the deposition of newly synthesized histones. ChIP analysis of the incorporation of newly synthesized histone H3 (acetylated in lysine 56) in wild-type and scc1-73 cells that have been synchronized in G1 and released into S phase in the presence of 200 mM HU for 45 min. H3K56c enrichment both at the proximity of ARS305 and at an unreplicated region (2.6 and 18 kb from the origin, respectively) was calculated as the amount of DNA immunoprecipitated with an antibody against H3K56ac relative to that obtained with antibody against total histone H3. The average and range from two independent experiments are shown. IgG-treated cells were used as an internal control to confirm the specific enrichment at each region

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