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Fig. 1

From: Crosstalk between chromatin structure, cohesin activity and transcription

Fig. 1

Genome-wide nucleosome profiles in cohesin and histone deposition mutants. a Representative nucleosome profile by MNase-seq of wild type, scc1-73, t::HHF2 and t::HHF2 scc1-73 cells synchronized in G1 and released until metaphase in nocodazole-containing (15 μg/ml) medium under conditions of restrictive temperature (37 °C) and histone depletion. b Histone depletion affects nucleosome fuzziness, distance and occupancy. Distribution of nucleosome fuzziness scores, neighboring distances and occupancy periodicities were determined by DANPOS analyses. c and d Heat map (c) and occupancy profile (d) of nucleosomes for all yeast genes aligned relative to the transcription start site (TSS). The occupancy of nucleosomes − 1 and + 1 was specifically increased in scc1-73 cells. Statistically significant differences in occupancy at the peak of nucleosomes − 2 to + 5 between the wild type and the scc1-73 mutant are shown (paired two-tailed Student’s t test; *, p < 0.05; ***, p < 0.001)

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