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Fig. 4

From: Leo1 is essential for the dynamic regulation of heterochromatin and gene expression during cellular quiescence

Fig. 4

Loss of Leo1 causes the downregulation of membrane transporter-encoding genes. a A heatmap of all the genes found to be significant in any of the comparisons shown in Fig. 3. The expression of each gene was standardized (mean = 0, SD = 1), and the genes were then clustered by hierarchical clustering. b The clustering performed for the heatmap was limited to 9 clusters and plotted as lines to enhance the visual representation of the gene regulation patterns. The lines indicate the medians of the cluster, and the colored areas surrounding the lines show the 25th and 75th percentiles, meaning that 50% of the genes were in the cluster. c List of the GO biological process terms enriched with the differentially expressed genes in the clusters. The significance of the GO terms was determined using the FDR correction (p < 0.05). The granular terms with the largest fold enrichment are shown for each group. Clusters cl3, cl6, cl7 and cl9 had no apparent GO term enrichment

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