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Fig. 4

From: Disruption of nuclear speckles reduces chromatin interactions in active compartments

Fig. 4

Srrm2 knockdown specifically decreases the insulation of TADs in active compartments. a Average contact maps of control (left) and Srrm2 knockdown (middle) cells, and differential contact maps of TADs in A1, A2 sub-compartments, and B compartments. b Average insulation profiles of TADs in the three (sub)-compartments. c Snapshots of a 27 Mb region on Chr8 showing that intra-chromosomal TAD interactions are decreased (blue) and increased (red) in compartments A1, A2 and B, respectively. Normalized Hi-C counts are multiplied by 106. d, e Quantification of the intra-TAD (d) and inter-TAD (e) interactions in different categories. P values: Wilcoxon rank-sum test. f The relationship between the intra-TAD fold change, (sub)-compartments, RNA expression levels, and the changes of RNA expression upon Srrm2 knockdown

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