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Fig. 2

From: Disruption of nuclear speckles reduces chromatin interactions in active compartments

Fig. 2

Srrm2 knockdown alters chromatin interactions in a compartment-specific manner. a Snapshots of a 10 Mb region on Chr10 showing Hi-C contacts (10 kb resolution) of the control (left) and Srrm2 knockdown (middle) AML12 cells. The differential contact map (right) showing that chromatin interactions are decreased (blue) and increased (red) in compartments A and B, respectively. Normalized Hi-C counts are multiplied by 106. b Genomic bins (100 kb) ranked by cis-eigenvector 1 values against the intra-chromosomal interaction matrix (log2 ratios). c The quantification of chromatin contacts between top 20% A compartments (left) and top 20% B compartments (right) upon Srrm2 knockdown. P values: Wilcoxon rank-sum test

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