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Fig. 1

From: Disruption of nuclear speckles reduces chromatin interactions in active compartments

Fig. 1

Srrm2 knockdown does not affect the location of compartments and TADs. a Hi-C contact maps at 100 kb resolution across entire chromosome 19. Bar denotes segments called A (red) or B (black) compartment using 100 kb cis-eigenvector 1. Normalized Hi-C counts are multiplied by 106. b Tracks of cis-eigenvector 1 values across the entirety of chromosome 19 are very similar between the control and Srrm2-depleted AML12 cells. c The correlation of cis-eigenvector 1 values between the control and Srrm2-depleted AML12 cells. Correlation coefficient (r) = 0.983. d Overall scaling of Hi-C contact frequency as a function of genomic distance is not affected by Srrm2 depletion, showing that Srrm2 does not affect general chromatin compaction. e A representative region showing contacts and TAD boundaries at 10 kb resolution. f Venn diagrams showing the overlap of TAD boundaries between control and Srrm2 knockdown cells

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