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Fig. 5

From: p63 cooperates with CTCF to modulate chromatin architecture in skin keratinocytes

Fig. 5

Models of how p63 and CTCF co-mediate chromatin loops regulating epidermal genes. a In control keratinocytes, p63 and CTCF co-mediate a subset of DNA loops nearby epidermal genes and regulate their gene expression. b In p63 mutant keratinocytes, due to the loss of p63 binding, p63 and CTCF co-mediated DNA loops are not functional anymore, and therefore epidermal genes are deregulated. There are two possibilities in deregulated function of looping: (1) the looping structure is stable as CTCF binding is unchanged; (2) the looping structure is partially changed because of loss of p63 binding and loss of the p63-dependent loop

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