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Fig. 3

From: p63 cooperates with CTCF to modulate chromatin architecture in skin keratinocytes

Fig. 3

Chromatin state and locations of p63- and CTCF-bound OCRs. a Fold enrichment/depletion of chromatin states (CSs) in p63 BSs and CTCF BSs compared to the randomized sequences. The 18 CSs were defined using ENCODE data [17]. b Relative enrichment (> 1)/depletion (< 1) of CSs in p63-bound Ctr-OCRs and CTCF-bound Ctr-OCRs compared to all Ctr-OCRs. The circle size represents the percentage of either p63-bound Ctr-OCRs (left) or CTCF-bound Ctr-OCRs (right) in each CS. Relative score is calculated by comparing odds ratios between two overlap tests, in which odds ratio is estimated by BEDtools fisher option. c Percentage of different loop types defined in the PCHiC data. d Size distribution of promoter–enhancer loops in the PCHiC data. e Estimated enrichment of CTCF and p63 at promoters, enhancers, or TAD Boundary compared to the reshuffled sequences (CTR). Odds ratio indicates the enrichment (> 1)/depletion (< 1) of two independent peak lists calculated by BEDtools fisher option

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