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Table 1 Summary of the primary results

From: Human monocyte-to-macrophage differentiation involves highly localized gain and loss of DNA methylation at transcription factor binding sites

Differentiation DMCs Gain Loss
  5780 4283 1497
Activation DMCs Gain Loss
M (LPS/IFNγ) 69 4 65
M (IL-4) 6 3 3
M (oxLDL) 4 0 4
M (acLDL) 3 0 3
Macrophage-specific DMCs
  1. DNA methylation in all subsets was measured using the Illumina 450k array, and an epigenome-wide analysis was performed using a linear mixed model with donor as random effect
  2. Shown are the amount of differentially methylated CpGs (DMCs) during differentiation and activation based on partial t-statistic and split by gain and loss of methylation (PFDR < 0.05, mean squares > 0.0025)