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Fig. 7

From: Ovarian dysfunction following prenatal exposure to an insecticide, chlordecone, associates with altered epigenetic features

Fig. 7

The morphological changes in ovaries promoted by CD. The representative images of ovaries in control (a) and treated (b) samples (NanoZoomer; 5X magnification). In control ovaries, most of late follicles are healthy; in contrast, in treated ovaries many atretic follicles are present. c The quantitative analysis of follicle numbers. The follicles were counted manually using NDP.view2 software by two independent researchers and were categorized according to the classification defined in Methods sections. We counted follicles in 4 biological replicates for control and treated group. The total numbers were compared, n = 4 for each group, *p < 0.05, t test, AT, atretic follicles, AN, normal antral follicles, CL, corpus luteum

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