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Table 4 Histone variant H2A.Z at enhancers

From: The histone variant H2A.Z in gene regulation

TFs Effects of H2A.Z depletion References
AhR Reduced induction upon treatment [88]
AP-1 Upregulation [72]
AR Reduced induction upon treatment [51, 52, 59, 119]
ER Lack of induction upon treatment [50, 54, 87, 118]
FoxA2 n.d. [237]
GR n.d. [69, 86]
ISGF3 Increased induction upon treatment [73]
Muscle differentiationb n.d. [56]
Myc n.d. [77]
p53 Upregulationa [49, 134, 217]
PU.1 n.d. [120]
∆Np63α Upregulation [134, 217]
RARγ n.d. [71]
RBPJ Upregulation [57]
SMAD3 Downregulation [161]
  1. aVariable based on the cell type; bthe TFs have not been investigated; however, H2A.Z localizes at enhancers
  2. The table lists only the cases described in mouse and human. Enhancers are defined as those sites that are bound by signal-specific transcription factors (TFs). AhR aryl hydrocarbon receptor (also known as dioxin receptor), AP-1 activator protein-1, AR androgen receptor, ER estrogen receptor, FoxA2 forkhead box protein A2, GR glucocorticoid receptor, ISGF3 interferon-stimulated gene factor complex 3 (IRF9 and phosphorylated STAT1 and STAT2), RARγ retinoic acid receptor γ, n.d. not determined