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Table 1 Composition of the SWR1, NuA4, Ep400/Tip60, SRCAP and Domino complexes

From: The histone variant H2A.Z in gene regulation

Yeast Mammals Drosophila
NuA4 SWR1 Ep400/Tip60 SRCAP
Tra1   TRRAP   Nipped A
Eaf1 Swr1 Ep400 SRCAP Domino
  Bdf1 BRD8 (TRCp120) BRD8 (TRCp120) Brd8
Epl1   EPC-like (EPC2)   E(Pc)
  EPC1   E(Pc)
Esa1   Tip60   dTip60
Eaf2 Eaf2 DMAP1 DMAP1 Dmap1
Rvb2 Rvb2 Tip49b (Ruvbl2) Tip49b (Ruvbl2) Reptin
Rvb1 Rvb1 Tip49a (Ruvbl1) Tip49a (Ruvbl1) Pontin
Arp4 Arp4 BAF53a (Actl6a) BAF53a (Actl6a) Bap55
Yng2   ING3   Ing3
Eaf7   MRGBP   Mrgbp
Act1 Act1 Actin   
Eaf3   MRG15 (Morf4l1)   Mrg15
  MRGX (Morf4l2)   Mrg15
  Vps72 YL1 YL1 Yl1
Eaf5   ?   
Yaf9 Yaf9 GAS41 (Yeats4) GAS41 (Yeats4) dGas41
Eaf6   FLJ11730 (Meaf6; hEaf6)   Eaf6
  Vps71   Znf-HIT1  
  1. The table has been assembled accordingly to the literature [97, 98, 100, 102, 107, 112,113,114,115, 210]