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Fig. 1

From: Polymer coil–globule phase transition is a universal folding principle of Drosophila epigenetic domains

Fig. 1

Theoretical curves for a finite-size polymer model. Log–log plot of mean radii of gyration \(\overline{R}_{g}\) (2) (in Kuhn length units) against the number of monomers N at different values of \(\varepsilon\) below and above \(\varepsilon _{\theta } \simeq 0.27\). Typical configurations at \(\varepsilon = 0.20 \;k_BT\) and \(N=5012\) (red), \(\varepsilon = 0.44 \,k_BT\) and \(N=109\), 538 and 5012 (from left to right, blue) are shown. The green dots are a rough representation of the radius of gyration as a function of the domain length from the simulated sticky polymer domain of Ref. [2] (Fig. 4c), up to the close packing limit (dotted line)

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