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Fig. 1

From: Epigenomic signatures in liver and blood of Wilson disease patients include hypermethylation of liver-specific enhancers

Fig. 1

Liver DMRs distinguish patients with WD from controls. a WGBS-derived DMRs differentiating WD from both HC and DC, but not DC from HC, were identified (WD n = 10, HC n = 6, DC n = 5). Hypermethylated DMRs have higher methylation in WD, while hypomethylated DMRs have lower methylation in WD. b Heatmap of HC, WD, and DC using methylation in WD-specific liver DMRs. Percent methylation for each sample relative to the mean methylation at each DMR is plotted. c Principal component analysis using methylation in WD-specific liver DMRs. The size of each point indicates the fibrosis stage of the patient. Ellipses show 95% confidence intervals. For this and all subsequent figures: DMR, differentially methylated region; WD, Wilson disease; WGBS, whole-genome bisulfite sequencing; HC, healthy control; DC, disease control

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