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Fig. 8

From: The long non-coding RNA Kcnq1ot1 controls maternal p57 expression in muscle cells by promoting H3K27me3 accumulation to an intragenic MyoD-binding region

Fig. 8

Kcnq1ot1 interacts with EZH2 in undifferentiated and with MyoD in differentiated cells. Cell extracts of undifferentiated (U) and differentiated (D) C2.7 muscle cells were immunoprecipitated using anti-EZH2 or anti-MyoD antibodies. The immunopurified materials were subjected to RT-qPCR with specific primers for Kcnq1ot1 and HOTAIR transcripts. Values, relative to the mean of three and four independent experiments performed for EZH2 and MyoD, respectively, were expressed as fold enrichment respect to IgG. Statistical significance: p < 0.05 (*)

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