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Fig. 2

From: Chromatin changes in Anopheles gambiae induced by Plasmodium falciparum infection

Fig. 2

Changes in histone modification enrichment in response to infection. a Density plot showing the position (Kb upstream) of differential diffReps regions for each histone modification with respect to the ATG initiation codon of the nearest downstream gene. b Annotation of diffReps regions for each histone modification to genomic features: TSS-Promoters, TTSs, Intergenic, Intron and Exon regions. diffReps regions located − 2 Kb/+ 0.1 Kb from the ATG are annotated to TSS-Promoter regions. c Barplot showing the number and location of high-confidence diffReps regions and the chromatin state transitions between conditions associated with the region. d Profile plots showing predicted chromatin states in infected (left) and control (right) conditions at genes encoding for immune-related factors [34]. The graphs represent chromatin state fold enrichment (log(observed/expected)) with respect to the scaled gene bodies ± 10 Kb. e, f Histone enrichment profiles in the regions containing the CTLSE1 (AGAP000929) and DEF1 (AGAP011294) encoding genes. Tracks show normalized/input-corrected ChIP-seq signals and RNA-seq mapped read counts for each condition. The location of diffReps regions, MACS2 peaks and predicted chromatin states for each condition are included. All tracks are shown at equal scale

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