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Fig. 5

From: Physiological effects of KDM5C on neural crest migration and eye formation during vertebrate development

Fig. 5

KDM5C is required for neural crest migration. a WISH analysis of neural crest markers indicated that the expression of twist, slug, sox8, and sox10 was significantly reduced on the injected side of the embryos compared with the uninjected side. However, the expression of sox9 was not affected by kdm5c knockdown. The abnormal expression of neural crest specifiers was effectively recovered by rescue experiments. Black dots (·) indicate the injected side of the embryos. b Statistical analysis of neural crest specifiers expression indicated significant reduction in the levels of all tested markers except for sox9, which exhibited no significant change. c RT-PCR analysis is consistent with WISH data showing no significant changes in sox9 expression levels, while all other neural crest specifiers were downregulated. d WISH analysis of the neural crest marker twist showed expression at stage 32 and the kdm5c MO-injected side of the embryos exhibited abnormal neural crest migration compared with that of the uninjected side. Embryos coinjected with kdm5c MO and kdm5c* efficiently rescued the abnormal neural crest migration. e A graph depicting the significantly perturbed expression levels of twist in the kdm5c MO-injected side of the embryos compared with the uninjected side. ns, not significant; **P < 0.01. CTL, control

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