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Fig. 1

From: CMT3 and SUVH4/KYP silence the exonic Evelknievel retroelement to allow for reconstitution of CMT1 mRNA

Fig. 1

The intragene Evelknievel (EK) retroelement is heavily methylated in the Ler genome. a The methylation pattern at the indicated cytosine contexts and their position along the EK-CMT1 sequence in WT Ler (red) and WT Col (blue) is shown (GSE34658, [28]). Arrows indicate the transcriptional direction of CMT1 and EK. Note that DNA methylation at all cytosine contexts is extended to CMT1 3′ end downstream from the EK insertion site and that EK is absent from WT Col (no coverage) and CMT1 gene is essentially unmethylated. Broken lines in Col indicate the absence of EK. b EK is activated in cmt3 and kyp2, but not in ddm1 or RdDM mutants. Transcriptional activation of EK and other TEs in WT Ler and in various epigenetic mutants. cDNAs were prepared from RNA extracted from leaves of WT Ler, ago4, hen1, kyp2, cmt3 and ddm1 and subjected to PCR to amplify EKcr coding region, AtCOPIA18A coding region, Solo LTR and AtMu1. UBQ10 was used as a reference. M indicates DNA molecular size markers

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