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Fig. 3

From: ZEB2 stably represses RAB25 expression through epigenetic regulation by SIRT1 and DNMTs during epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition

Fig. 3

ZEB2 binds the RAB25 promoter and represses its transcriptional activity. a Scheme representing RAB25 promoter sequence with E- (CANNTG) and Z-boxes (ATANNTGT). b Luciferase activity of RAB25 promoter was measured 24 h after transfection with or without ZEB2-WT or ZEB2 double DNA-binding mutant. pGL3 promoter activity was used as control and set as 1, and s.d is shown. c A simplified schematic of RAB25 promoter showing localization of E/Z-boxes. Luciferase activity of RAB25 promoter WT and mutated for E/Z-boxes was measured after ZEB2 induction (+dox). Control values were set as 1, and s.d. is shown. d HA-ZEB2 ChIP assay analyzed at different locations in the RAB25 promoter. Amplicons number and location are depicted on a simplified schematic of the RAB25 promoter. Enrichments to input were calculated, control values were set as 1 and shown. NC negative control. For all analyses, P values were determined using two-way ANOVA (**p < 0.01; ***p < 0.001; ns nonsignificant). Three independent experiments were performed for all experiments

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