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Fig. 6

From: The large fraction of heterochromatin in Drosophila neurons is bound by both B-type lamin and HP1a

Fig. 6

HP1a is more evenly distributed in the nucleus, and centromeres are located more closely to the nuclear envelope in neurons than in Kc167 cells. a Immunostaining of Kc167 cells (left panel), Repo-positive glia (central panel) and Elav-positive neurons (right panel) with anti-HP1a (green) and anti-Lam (violet) antibodies. Scale bars 3 μm. b Confocal images of immunostaining of Kc167 cells (upper panel) or Elav-positive neurons (lower panel) with anti-CenpA (violet, a marker of centromeres) and anti-Lam (green) antibodies. Shown are the examples of nuclei with the centromeres located at the nuclear envelope in neurons or clustered in the nuclear interior in Kc167 cells. Scale bars 3 μm on the upper panel or 2 μm on the lower panel. c Box plots showing radial-normalized distances between CenpA signals and the nuclear lamina in neurons (red bars, n = 468) and Kc167 cells (blue bars, n = 604), counted in 3D using IMARIS software. In cases when the centers of CenpA signals were shifted toward the outer side of the nuclear lamina relative to its midpoint, negative distances were assigned. M–W U test was used for pairwise comparison of two distributions

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