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Fig. 4

From: The large fraction of heterochromatin in Drosophila neurons is bound by both B-type lamin and HP1a

Fig. 4

Expression level of genes residing in LADs, Pc and HP1a domains is drastically lower than in the inter-domains in the central brain and fat body, except for the HP1a domains in Kc167 cells. a Box plots (non-outlier range) showing expression of genes (in TPM) overlapping (blue) or non-overlapping (red) by their promoters (distal TSSs) with LADs, HP1a and Pc domains in larval central brain, fat body and Kc167 cells. RNA-seq data for larval central brain and fat body were taken from GSE75835 [44], and for Kc167 cells—from GSE15596 [49]. b Box plots (non-outlier range) for the central brain showing the expression of genes (in TPM) whose promoters (distal TSSs) are located in LADs, (left to right) overlapped with HP1a domains (red), non-overlapped with either HP1a or Pc domains (gray), or overlapped with Pc domains (blue). Zero TMP values were excluded from the analysis. c Box plots (non-outlier range) showing expression levels of genes (in TPM) overlapped with the conserved HP1a domains by their promoters (distal TSSs) in the central brain, fat body and Kc167 cells. d Box plots (non-outlier range) showing expression levels for the differentially expressed genes, whose bodies overlap with HP1a, Lam or Pc domains, or those not overlapped with any domain type, in the control Kc167 cells (red) or upon HP1a KD in Kc167 cells (blue). RNA expression microarray data for analysis were taken from GSE18092 [50]. In (ad), M–W U test was used for pairwise comparison of distributions

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