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Fig. 3

From: The large fraction of heterochromatin in Drosophila neurons is bound by both B-type lamin and HP1a

Fig. 3

LADs strongly overlap with HP1a domains (both in the ChAs and in the pericentromeric regions) in the central brain and neurons, to a lesser extent in glia and the fat body, and not at all in Kc167 cells. a Venn diagram showing the degree of overlap as a percentage of ChAs length between LADs, HP1a and Pc domains (left to right) in Kc167 cells, fat body, glia, neurons or the central brain. b Screenshot from UCSC genome browser showing log2(Dam-POI/Dam) profiles (where POI is Lam or HP1a) and HMM-determined domains (black rectangles over profiles) for the representative 2R pericentromeric region in the central brain, neurons, glia, fat body and Kc167 cells. Data for Kc167 cells were taken from [11, 40]. The eu/heterochromatin boundary (thick/thin black line above the figure) is indicated according to [64]. c Box plots showing distributions of log2(Dam-HP1a/Dam) values in the non-repetitive parts of X chromosome (blue) and autosomes (red) in male larval central brain, male larval fat bodies, neurons or glial cells from mixed sex larvae, and in the female Kc167 cells. For this type of analysis, raw DamID-seq data for HP1a in Kc167 cells were taken from GSE83713 [67], mapped on the 1-kb genomic bins and quantile normalized. M–W U test was used for pairwise comparison of distributions on the X chromosome vs autosomes. d HP1a domain coverage on the X chromosome and autosomes as a percentage of chromosomes length. Only the ChA parts which, according to Riddle et al. [64], were within 1–22,300 kb for X chromosome, 1–22,000 kb for 2L, 1600–21,147 kb for 2R, 1–22,900 kb for 3L, 1–27,900 kb for 3R of Drosophila dm3/R5 genome assembly, were taken for analysis

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