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Fig. 1

From: The large fraction of heterochromatin in Drosophila neurons is bound by both B-type lamin and HP1a

Fig. 1

DamID mapping of LADs, HP1a and Pc domains in the central brain, neurons, glia and fat body. ac Principles of DamID in the central brain and fat body (a), glia (b) and neurons (c). POI is Lam, HP1a or Pc. d Screenshot from UCSC genome browser showing log2(Dam-POI/Dam) profiles and HMM-determined domains of POI enrichment (black rectangles over profiles) for the representative region of 2L chromosome in the central brain, neurons, glia, fat body and Kc167 cells. Data for Pc in all organs/cell types except neurons are taken from [44]. Data for Kc167 cells are taken from [11, 40]. Examples of LADs completely or partially overlapped with HP1a domains in the central brain or neurons but not in glia, fat body and Kc167 cells are outlined by black rectangles

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