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Fig. 2

From: DNA methylation profiling of acute chorioamnionitis-associated placentas and fetal membranes: insights into epigenetic variation in spontaneous preterm births

Fig. 2

Acute chorioamnionitis array-wide volcano plots. For each probe, FDR-corrected p values from fitted linear models were plotted against group differences in DNAm for each tissues. Sites at FDR < 0.15 and adjusted Δβ > 0.05 are highlighted in red and blue. Sites highlighted in red are those that are hypermethylated in aCA cases compared to non-aCA cases. Sites highlighted in blue are those that are hypomethylated aCA cases compared to non-aCA cases. The flat volcano plots demonstrate a lack of differential methylation associated with aCA in the fetal membranes after correction for multiple comparisons

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