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Fig. 4

From: Identification of a novel antisense noncoding RNA, ALID, transcribed from the putative imprinting control region of marsupial IGF2R

Fig. 4

Expression analyses of ALID. a Expression analysis of ALID by strand-specific RT-PCR. The left labels indicate stages of pouch young animals (days from postpartum). H heart, K kidney, Lu lung, Lv liver, B brain, M skeletal muscle, S spleen, T testis, O ovary. b Quantification of expression level of ALID by strand-specific RT-qPCR. c Allelic expression analysis of ALID by direct sequencing followed by strand-specific RT-PCR. DNA methylation analysis of nearby genomic region including these SNP sites showed that the expressed alleles were unmethylated alleles (data not shown), demonstrating paternal expression of ALID lncRNA

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