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Fig. 3

From: Identification of a novel antisense noncoding RNA, ALID, transcribed from the putative imprinting control region of marsupial IGF2R

Fig. 3

Determination of the transcript structure of ALID. a Strand-specific RT-PCR to detect antisense transcript nearby tammar IGF2R DMR. BY yolk sac placenta (bilaminar region), TY yolk sac placenta (trilaminar region). b Gel photograph of 5′ RACE experiment to determine transcription start site of ALID. c Gel photograph of 3′ RACE experiment to determine polyadenylation site of ALID. d Summary illustration for the structure of ALID. The graph shows the density of CpG sites in intron 12 sequence of tammar IGF2R. Two green boxes represent position of IGF2R exon 12 and 13 in the 10 kb genomic sequence, respectively. The red bars indicate each CpG site in 2 kb sequence around intron 12 CpG island. The arrowheads represent (nested) gene-specific primers used for 5′ and 3′ RACE experiments. The red box shows full-length ALID lncRNA revealed by RACE experiments. Canonical polyadenylation signal sequence (red) was found nearby polyadenylation site (green) of ALID

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