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Fig. 5

From: Control of directionality of chromatin folding for the inter- and intra-domain contacts at the Tfap2cBmp7 locus

Fig. 5

Non-boundary CTCF for organizing intra-domain chromatin folding. a The 4C-seq profiles from the VP-Tfap2c of different deletion and inversion alleles. The locus is divided into four areas (Tfap2c-cen, Tfap2c-tel, TZ, Bmp7 domain), and percentages of reads mapped among them are shown. b The ratios of read numbers in Tfap2c-tel to those in Tfap2c-cen are depicted for each allele, to compare the directionality of intra-domain chromatin folding. Each plot represents independent replicates. c The percentage of reads within the Bmp7 domain is plotted for the different 4C-seq results and compared between different alleles. *** indicates p < 0.001 by one-way ANOVA (analysis of variance), followed by Tukey’s multiple-comparison post hoc test. The statistical significance against the Hap allele is indicated

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