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Fig. 2

From: Perturbed maintenance of transcriptional repression on the inactive X-chromosome in the mouse brain after Xist deletion

Fig. 2

a Nestin-Cre deletes Xist2lox allele in the brain but not in the spleen of Xistmut/MeCP2-GFP-Xist2lox female animals. Ethidium bromide-stained gel of PCR products for Xist in the DNA extracted from the indicated tissues in animals with (Cre+) and without (Cre−) Nestin-Cre transgene. b Xist RNA level measured by RNA-seq in the RNA extracted from the Xistmut/MeCP2-GFP-Xist2lox females with (Cre+) and without (Cre−) Nestin-Cre transgene (n = 3). c Xistmut/ Xist2lox Nestin-Cre females that lack Xist in the brain were born at the expected Mendelian frequency (p = 0.36, Chi-square test). d Survival curves of females with Nestin-Cre transgene (nes +) and their littermates without (Cre−) the transgene (Cre+ n = 18, Cre− n = 17, N.S. p = 0.58, log-rank test). e Two-week sliding averages of weights in Xistmut/MeCP2-GFP Xist2lox females with (Cre+) and without (Cre−) Nestin-Cre transgene (Cre+ n = 14, Cre− n = 15, (**p < 0.01, Student’s t test, for all successive 2-week periods for the duration of the follow-up)

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