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Fig. 8

From: Loss of SETDB1 decompacts the inactive X chromosome in part through reactivation of an enhancer in the IL1RAPL1 gene

Fig. 8

Model summarizing observations made at the Xi and IL1RAPL1 locus in parental and mutant clones. In each of the four panels, the blue horizontal bar represents the Xa and Xi alleles of the IL1RAPL1 gene locus in the parental or mutant clones as indicated to the left. The hooked white arrow at the far left represents the main promoter, whereas the two divergent arrows to the right represent the bidirectional ERVL-MaLR promoter that is immediately adjacent to the enhancer element (circle; green = active, black = silent). Black arrows represent transcript and the relative thickness represents the amount of transcript. The green dashed arrow represents the cis promoter activation from the enhancer. The red dashed line and question mark represent the potential for trans effects. To the right of each panel is a zoomed in cartoon schematic of a female nucleus showing H3K27me3 signal in green with the dark green region representing the territory of the Xi

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