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Fig. 7

From: Loss of SETDB1 decompacts the inactive X chromosome in part through reactivation of an enhancer in the IL1RAPL1 gene

Fig. 7

Changes to IL1RAPL1 expression and Xi volume in enhancer deletion mutants. a Map showing the location of IL1RAPL1 exons (vertical bars) and the regions assessed for the 5′ and 3′ qRT-PCRs. The thick black bar on the right corresponds to the region of chromatin change. Immediately beneath the gene model are 5′ (left) and 3′ (right) qRT-PCR results for RPE1 and Xa or Xi enhancer deletion mutants (x-axis) showing expression levels relative to GAPDH (y-axis). All qRT-PCR graphs show the mean from at least three biological replicates, each performed as three technical replicates. Error bars show standard error of the mean. b Representative images of indirect immunofluorescence showing the distribution of H3K27me3 (green) and DAPI (blue) in RPE1 and Xa or Xi IL1RAPL1 enhancer mutants. White arrow heads indicate the location of the Xi. The white horizontal bars correspond to 5 μm. c Volume measurements of the Xi in RPE1 compared to Xa or Xi IL1RAPL1 enhancer deletion mutants displayed as oneway ANOVA. P values calculated using Tukey–Kramer honest significant difference. Xi/DAPI volumes are indicated on the y-axis. Each black dot indicates a measurement made for individual nuclei in each sample. The green diamonds show the mean (central horizontal line) and 95% confidence interval between the apexes of the diamond. The width of the diamond is proportional to the sample size with wider diamonds indicating more measured nuclei. Circles on the far right show all pairs Tukey–Kramer 0.05 p value spread with significance presented by the angle of intersection between circles

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