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Fig. 1

From: JARID2 and the PRC2 complex regulate skeletal muscle differentiation through regulation of canonical Wnt signaling

Fig. 1

JARID2 expression is downregulated upon differentiation in C2C12 cells, but is required for differentiation. a Time-course analysis of Jarid2 mRNA expression in C2C12 cells analyzed by qRT-PCR. UD represents undifferentiated and D2, D6 represent the days of differentiation. Error bars are S.E.M. ***p value < 0.001 versus UD. n ≥ 3. b Time course of JARID2 and MHC protein expression in C2C12 cells analyzed by western blot assays. JARID2 expression was quantitated with respect to the normalizer (GAPDH) in the lower panel. Error bars are S.E.M. n ≥ 3. c Time course of JARID2 and MHC expression in primary myoblasts analyzed as in b. d Jarid2 mRNA was depleted in C2C12 cells using stable cell lines expressing three individual shRNA constructs. Depletion was confirmed by qRT-PCR analysis of mRNA. Scr represents the scrambled control, and shJarid2 represents shRNA against Jarid2 mRNA. Error bars are S.E.M. **p value < 0.01 and ***p value < 0.001 versus scr. n ≥ 3. e Depletion of JARID2 protein was confirmed by western blot assays. f Differentiation is impaired upon loss of JARID2. Cells were differentiated for 2 days (D2) for immunohistochemistry with antibodies against myosin heavy chain (MHC). Nuclei were stained with DAPI. Images were taken at × 400 magnification. Bars represent 100 μm. g mRNA of differentiation-specific genes as indicated were downregulated in JARID2 depleted cells as assayed by qRT-PCR. Time points are indicated as in a. Error bars are S.E.M. ***p value < 0.001 versus time-matched scr. n = 3

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