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Fig. 3

From: The genome-wide transcriptional regulatory landscape of ecdysone in the silkworm

Fig. 3

Genome-wide enhancer analysis and functional verification. a Distance between the enhancer and the TSS of the nearest gene. b Overlap of enhancers and promoters before and after 20E treatment. c Average expression level changes of enhancer target genes and all genes. “+” and “−” indicate the presence and absence of 20E treatment, respectively. d Validation of putative enhancers by luciferase assays. We named these 58 candidate enhancers with “Test_PE” as a prefix, respectively. All results are displayed as a fold increase over the PGL3 reporter backbone with hsp70 core promoter. Hsp70 core promoter and Rpl3 enhancer combination, labeled as RPL3, were used as positive controls. Strongly induced enhancers were divided into three classes: (1) 20E-independent, where the addition of 20E did not change enhancer activity; (2) 20E-increased, where 20E increased enhancer activity; (3) 20E-decreased, where 20E decreased enhancer activity

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