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Fig. 3

From: EZH2 promotes DNA replication by stabilizing interaction of POLδ and PCNA via methylation-mediated PCNA trimerization

Fig. 3

Presence of a PIP box in EZH2. a Schematic representation of FLAG-tagged full-length EZH2 (EZH2) and FLAG-tagged SET-domain deletion mutation EZH2 (EZH2∆SET). The lower panel shows the expression of EZH2 in EZH2- and EZH2∆SET-transfected 293T cells. b IP illustrates the binding of PCNA to EZH2 in EZH2- and EZH2∆SET-transfected 293T cells. c The sequence and location of the PIP box in EZH2 homologues of different species. Conserved amino acids are highlighted: h represents a hydrophobic amino acid (L/I/M), a represents an aromatic (F/Y), and x represents any amino acid. aa amino acid. d Schematic representation of the full-length EZH2 with mutations of conserved PIP box amino acids (EZH2∆PIP). e IP shows the interaction of EZH2 and PCNA in EZH2∆PIP 293T cells. IgGs were used as control antibodies for IP. Antibodies used for IP and western blot are labelled as IP and IB, respectively

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