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Fig. 2

From: EZH2 promotes DNA replication by stabilizing interaction of POLδ and PCNA via methylation-mediated PCNA trimerization

Fig. 2

EZH2 elevates at S phase in hDPCs and interacts with PCNA. a Schematic chart illustrating the serum deprivation approach used for G0/G1 phase synchronization of hDPCs. b Western blot shows the expression of EZH2 in hDPCs at the indicated time points after release from serum deprivation. Immunofluorescence shows the subcellular localization of EZH2 in hDPCs in G1 or S phase. c Co-immunoprecipitation (Co-IP) of EZH2 and PCNA in hDPCs (synchronized at S phase) and proximity ligation assay (PLA) after co-incubating anti-EZH2 and anti-PCNA antibodies in hDPCs in S phase. IgGs were used as control antibodies for the IP. Antibodies used for IP and western blot are labelled as IP and IB, respectively. Total lysate (10 μg) was used as an input control. Scale bars represent 20 μm

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