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Fig. 6

From: Key role of piRNAs in telomeric chromatin maintenance and telomere nuclear positioning in Drosophila germline

Fig. 6

Telomeres represent a distinct type of self-targeting dual-strand piRNA cluster. a Schematic representation of three types of dual-strand piRNA clusters. The chromatin structure of “canonical” dual-strand piRNA clusters is established by maternally inherited piRNAs but maintained by a piRNA-independent mechanism. On the contrary, piRNAs are strongly required for maintenance of the chromatin state of telomeric and euchromatic TE-associated piRNA clusters during oogenesis. Assembly of telomere protection capping complex is not affected by piRNAs. b Comparison of telomeric chromatin in somatic and germ cells. A schematic distribution of chromatin components along telomeric retrotransposon arrays and TAS is based on our study and previously published results [30, 31, 33]. In somatic tissues, TAS and HeT-ATARTTAHRE arrays are subdivided into repressed and transcriptionally active domains, respectively. In the germline, both telomeric regions form piRNA cluster(s) enriched in HP1, H3K9me3, and Rhi

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