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Fig. 4

From: DamID profiling of dynamic Polycomb-binding sites in Drosophila imaginal disc development and tumorigenesis

Fig. 4

Modulation of Polycomb-binding and target gene expression is associated with enrichment of specific regulatory elements. a Schematic representation of the workflow used to identify regulatory elements in GATC fragments pooled into categories representing no change (nc), gain (G) or loss (L) of ‘enriched’ Pc-binding states in scrib1 DamID-seq profiles if compared to WT. Note that the ‘no-change’ category for this conservative analysis only contains GATC fragments that were classified as ‘enriched’ for Pc-binding and thus excludes the ‘depleted’ and ‘intermediate’ classifications. a′a″) Regulatory elements identified by i-cisTarget that either represent enrichment for chromatin-binding factors (a′) or presence of specific histone modifications (a″) at GATC fragments ‘enriched’ for Pc-binding (a) that show no change (nc), gain (G) or loss (L) of Pc-binding in scrib1 WIDs. Normalized enrichment scores (NES) are visualized as coloured scale. b Schematic workflow used to identify enriched regulatory elements within genomic regions spanning 2.5 kb upstream to 1.5 kb downstream of the TSS in group II and III genes (see Fig. 3b for definition). b′b″) Enrichment for transcription factors identified by i-cisTarget in the presumptive regulatory domains of Pc-targeted genes belonging to group II or III

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